Our vision at SmartKeepers

« We wish to offer companies the opportunity to build a digital work environment based on trust, security and simplicity. »

Romain BLIN, CEO

Redesign the current model

The architectures widly used today are centralized, ie. completely inconsistent with the idea of privacy or industrial secret.

The easier way to send a document to one’s neighbor is to put it in his mailbox. On the internet, we are all neighbors. Yet, we are always asking for some postmen called Facebook, Google, Microsoft…. to manage our communications. Unlike the Post Office, they record and analyze our documents in the meantime.


Prove that an alternative is possible

Host your data and share it directly without any third-party.

SmartKeepers is a collaborative work platform offering not only a number of features you already use daily but also assuring you of the privacy of your data. Everyone hosts his own data. Everyone is directly in touch with their connection without any third-party. Even us can’t access your data.



Offer relevant features

SmartKeepers includes the basic features you and your team need everyday.

Manage and share easily your calendar, your files, your instant messages, your groups thanks to the user-friendly applications we created for you.

All your communications are simple, completely private and secured.