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Three reasons to choose SmartKeepers


The features

Innovation is nice. Useful innovation is even better! Projects management, customers management, instant messaging, calendar… are here to improve and make your co-workers’ job easier.


The innovation

SmartKeepers offers a truly secured connection without any password. Log in to your account with only two clicks thanks to SSL certificates.



SmartKeepers has absolutely no access to any of your data. When two different Keepboxes are used, no data is send to our servers. It is the only way to ensure the privacy of your communications and we developed it for you!

Designed for you and your colleagues

Smartkeepers answers every company’s need: companies ranging from SMBs to agencies or multinationals face data processing challenges. Co-workers can access and use SmartKeepers in and out of the office.

SmartKeepers is a straightforward, simple-to-use and groundbreaking collaborative work platform. Share your data the way you want without any third-party inbetween to make sure it stays private and secure.

Choose SmartKeepers for your organization data management on a daily basis. Take advantage of the speed of a local hosting of your data and make the most of the unlimited communication opportunities we offer.

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